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In Idaho and Washington custody actions, the 'best interests of the child' governs all court-ordered decisions regarding the care of children. A child custody order will generally establish residential provisions for each child, allocate decision-making responsibilities between the parents, and provide for a method of resolving future disputes about each child's care. In the event either parent endures a permanent and material change in their living circumstances, that parent may ask the court to modify the custody order(s) accordingly.

The two main types of custody at issue in these actions are legal and physical. Legal custody refers to decision-making powers regarding the child at issue and, absent termination of either parent’s rights, is shared jointly by both parents. Physical custody, also commonly known as residential custody, determines where the child resides and for what periods of time – both parents generally receive at least some physical/residential custody of their child(ren).


Based primarily on the residential custody schedule as well as the parties’ respective incomes, the court will usually award one party or the other monthly child support. To ease in the calculation of this amount, the Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure have made a valiant effort, via charts and lengthy explanations, to specify precisely what should be owed in any given situation. Despite that effort, however, child support is often in dispute. This is precisely why is pays (literally) to have a knowledgeable attorney such as Andrew C. Boyd to insure that any child support awarded for or against you is fair and complies with Idaho law.

When it comes to child custody and support actions, Andrew C. Boyd will work diligently to insure that your voice is heard and, perhaps more importantly, that your children’s best interests are honored. In no other area of law can it be more accurately stated that there are no winners and losers. When the wishes of the parents run contrary to the best interests of their children, they need a lawyer with character and integrity, such as Andrew C. Boyd, to remind them of their true obligation.

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